Sony SNC-EM521 indoor vandal-resistant day/night dome IP camera with DEPA Analytics and easy focus SNC-EM521

This camera features a tough, vandal-resistant casing for installation in high-risk locations, with day/night switching and DEPA intelligent video analytics to intelligently evaluate movement in view.

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€406.00 (Incl. Tax: €487.20)

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Our price:
€406.00 (Incl. Tax: €487.20)
Sony | Sony SNC-EM521

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Sony SNC-EM521

  • Sony SNC-EM521

Overview of Sony SNC-EM521

The Sony SNC-EM521 is a compact dome camera with a tough, vandal-resistant casing. It's sturdy enough to be mounted in exposed indoor locations where vandal attacks are likely. With day/night switching, it's also capable of capturing clear monochrome footage in low-light conditions or being used with infrared lighting for discreet night surveillance.

Sony's DEPA video analytics offer an improvement over conventional motion detection systems, intelligently evaluating motion and ignoring repeated or random motion. The camera can also be integrated with Sony NVRs for rule-based video analytics, including cross-line detection, directional detection and object counting.

The Stream Squared system also helps to reduce system costs by replacing two closely mounted cameras. The camera provides two simultaneous streams cropped from the camera's view, as if two low resolution cameras were in use. The camera can also be installed quickly with PoE support, an analogue feed for installation tools and easy focus to accurately set the camera's back-focus for sharp images.


This camera does not include a power supply. If you require a Power over Ethernet midspan, please select one from the options above. A version of this camera without a vandal-resistant casing is also available: Sony SNC-EM520 indoor dome IP camera.

Key features and benefits

  • Vandal-resistant casing - the camera's casing is toughened to protect from vandal attacks
  • True day/night switching - when light levels drop, monitor monochrome, infrared-sensitive footage, giving brighter detail than day-only cameras
  • Support for DEPA analytics - the camera intelligently lowers falsely-detected events and can be integrated with Sony DEPA-enabled NVRs
  • Easy focus - quickly and accurately set the camera's focus, minimising the time required for installation
  • Stream squared - replace 2 closely-mounted cameras with cropped sections of the camera's view

Typical use

This vandal-resistant camera is suited to surveillance of many indoor locations where professional 24-hour surveillance is needed, including supermarkets, schools, public buildings, service stations and waiting rooms.

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