Sony SNC-EP521 indoor day/night pan-tilt-zoom IP camera with 36x optical zoom and DEPA analytics SNC-EP521

This cost-effective PTZ camera provides all-round monitoring with powered 36x optical zoom, allowing operators to cover large, open areas and zoom in for detailed close-up shots. There's Sony's DynaView Wide Dynamic Range software for high-contrast lighting and support for DEPA analytics.

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€742.00 (Incl. Tax: €890.40)

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Our price:
€742.00 (Incl. Tax: €890.40)
Sony | Sony SNC-EP521

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Sony SNC-EP521

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Overview of Sony SNC-EP521

The Sony SNC-EP521 is a cost-effective pan-tilt-zoom IP camera. The camera provides 340° panning movement with 105° tilt, allowing it to see above the horizontal limit imposed on most PTZ cameras. On top of this, the 36x optical zoom lets operators monitor wide-angle shots of large areas and zoom in on remote objects for detailed up-close shots.

The SNC-EP521 also features Sony's DynaView software-based Wide Dynamic range software. In high contrasting shadowed and bright areas, this software improves the visibility in both, capturing detail in light and dark areas simultaneously where other cameras would not. Additionally, the camera features a switchable infrared-cut filter, allowing the camera to capture infrared light in dark environments for brighter footage. Additionally, the camera can be used with infrared lighting for true 24-hour surveillance.

Sony's DEPA analytics are included, increasing the accuracy of motion detection events by ignoring repeated or random motion such as trees or plants moving. Installation is quick with minimal cabling thanks to support for High Power over Ethernet, supplying power and data through the same cable, so no power cabling or local supply is required.


This camera does not come with a power supply. If you require a Power over Ethernet midspan, please select one from the options above. A version of this camera with endless panning and rugged mechanism is available: Sony SNC-ER521.

Key features and benefits

  • Pan and tilt movement - move the camera through the web interface to provide coverage over a large area and tilt above the horizon
  • 36x optical zoom - the powered zoom allows operators to get close-up shots of remote subjects for easy identification
  • DynaView Wide Dynamic Range software - improve the visibility of subjects in high contrast lighting, capturing detail in bright and dark areas simultaneously
  • True day/night switching - at night, capture infrared light using the camera's switchable infrared-cut filter for brighter footage or integration with IR lighting
  • DEPA analytics compatible - combine the camera with a DEPA-compliant network video recorder for analytics-based event detection
  • SD card recording - backup video locally to prevent the loss of security footage if the network connection fails
  • High PoE compliant - the camera supports High Power over Ethernet for easy installation and wiring

Typical use

This camera is ideal for monitoring open indoor areas where operators need to see wide-angle shots and when required zoom-in for detailed close up. Examples are large warehouses, department stores, shopping centres, transport terminals and leisure centres. Alternatively, the camera could be combined with an outdoor housing for outdoor surveillance of areas such as storage yards, school grounds, parking lots and for traffic monitoring.

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