Veracity VHW-HWPO Highwire Ethernet over co-axial converter with PoE out VHW-HWPO

The Veracity Highwire turn existing analog security systems coax cabling into a fast network connection. This compact converter allows coaxial cable to be used for ethernet connections, and also provides Power over Ethernet to power camera equipment without a local supply.
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Our price:
€168.00 (Incl. Tax: €201.60)
Veracity | Veracity VHW-HWPO Highwire

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Veracity Highwire VHW-HWPO

  • Veracity Highwire VHW-HWPO

Overview of Veracity VHW-HWPO Highwire

The Veracity Highwire PoE allows coaxial cable to be used for fast network connections, lowering system costs by removing the need to install cabling. The unit can also provide power over ethernet to compatible cameras through the network connection.

Cable runs of up to 1600ft are possible depending on the cable quality, ideal for large sites. The unit is also very easy to install, requiring no configuration for use.

Please note: Two of these devices are required for each cable. Additionally, no power supply is included. Select a power supply from the options above if required.

Key features and benefits

  • Supply Power over Ethernet connections to compatible cameras using 75 ohm coaxial cable, lowering system costs when upgrading from analog CCTV to IP surveillance
  • Suitable for cable runs up to 1600ft (dependant on cable quality)
  • Data speeds of up to 200Mbps provide high speed connections
  • No configuration is required for easy installation

Typical use

The Veracity Highwire PoE is ideal for the installation of IP video surveillance systems in locations with pre-existing analog installations, such as historic buildings, warehousing, truck depots, storage yards and industrial sites where the cost of re-cabling would other be prohibitive.


  • Analog connector: BNC 75ohm / RG59
  • Ethernet connector: RJ-45 Ethernet connection, Power over Ethernet (IEEE802.3af)
  • Power input: terminal block for 12V DC or 24V AC

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