Veracity Longspan Lite VLS-1N-L Ethernet extender with range of over a kilometre VLS-1N-L

Increase the range of network connections to over a kilometre with these range extenders from Veracity. They're compact and require no configuration for use, making them easy to install in a matter of minutes.

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Our price:
€161.00 (Incl. Tax: €193.20)
Veracity | Veracity Longspan Lite

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Veracity Longspan Lite

  • Veracity Longspan Lite

Overview of Veracity Longspan Lite

The Veracity Longspan expands the range of Ethernet networks beyond the current 100m limit, providing data connections to IP cameras and network devices over a kilometre away. This allows cost-effective IP surveillance systems to be set up in large, expansive sites such as haulage depots and warehouse complexes. With no need to break the cable for in-line network repeaters, Longspans are highly reliable and require no configuration so can be installed in minutes.

Please note: Two devices are required for each connection. Additionally, no power supply is included. Should you require a 12V supply, one can be added from the options above. A version of the Longspan that forwards PoE is also available: Veracity Longspan.

Key features and benefits

  • Long-distance data connection - connect network devices over a kilometre away
  • High reliability - there's no need to break the cable to install repeaters, reducing the points of failure and improving reliability
  • Quick to install - the Longspan Lite requires no configuration so can be installed in minutes

Typical use

Veracity Longspan Lites are ideal for the creation of IP surveillance systems in large sites without a network infrastructure, such as warehouse complexes, haulage depots, manufacturing plants and factories, power stations, or for perimeter surveillance cameras.


  • Network: 2x 10/100Mbps RJ-45 Ethernet ports

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