Veracity VOR-OS Outsource IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet injector VOR-OS

Provide power to PoE compatible devices through the network connection. Allows easy installation in locations without a local power source.
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Veracity | Veracity VOR-OS Outsource

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Veracity Outsource PoE Splitter

  • Veracity Outsource PoE Splitter

Overview of Veracity VOR-OS Outsource

Providing power to compatible devices through the Ethernet connection, this single-port, compact injector is ideal for equipment in locations without a local power source. The unit is compliant with the IEEE802.3af standard for up to 13W of power and supports Gigabit networks to prevent data bottlenecks. The unit has over-current and over-voltage protection to prevent surge damage to equipment and cabling.

Key features and benefits

  • Provide power to remote locations without a local power source
  • Compatible with the IEEE802.3af power standards, up to 13W of power can be supplied
  • Gigabit connections are supported to prevent speed bottlenecks
  • Included safety features prevent damage to equipment and cabling

Typical use

The Veracity outsource is ideal for supplying power to cameras in locations without a local power source. Alternatively, with the use of Veracity Outreach devices, the unit can be used to extend the range of Ethernet networks.


  • RJ45 - Network
  • RJ45 - Network / PoE out
  • IEC 3 pin - AC line power

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