Veracity VAD-PS Pointsource battery powered PoE injector VAD-PS

This battery powered PoE injector allows installers to power up IP cameras in-situ where a local power source is not yet available, meaning technicians can verify network settings, focus and field of view before permanent power connection is finalized.
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Veracity | Veracity Pointsource

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Veracity Pointsource battery-powered PoE source

  • Veracity Pointsource battery-powered PoE source
  • Veracity Pointsource setup diagram

Overview of Veracity Pointsource

Veracity's Pointsource is a battery-powered PoE injector designed to allow installers to connect to IP camera equipment in locations without an existing power source, ideal for configuring, focusing or aiming cameras during installation or for short duration security systems. The battery is powerful enough to last up to 6 hours and the integrated 12V output allows devices such as lights or speakers to operate also.

Key features and benefits

  • Provide power to PoE-compliant cameras in remote locations with this rechargeable battery-powered injector
  • Power accessories such as lights or speakers with the external 12V output to confirm connectivity
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life (device dependant)

Typical use

The Pointsource is ideal for installers of security systems to provide temporary power for camera equipment. Alternatively the unit is ideal for short-term camera installations.


  • 2x RJ-45 Ethernet connections (Laptop-in and PoE out)
  • Push-clip connections for 12V DC output
  • DC-input jack charging port

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