Veracity VTN-TN Timenet compact GPS NTP time server VTN-TN

Synchronize security systems with millisecond accuracy without the need for an internet connection with this compact GPS NTP server (network time protocol).
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Our price:
€526.00 (Incl. Tax: €631.20)
Veracity | Veracity VTN-TN Timenet GPS time server

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Veracity Timenet NTP server for security systems

  • Veracity Timenet NTP server for security systems

Overview of Veracity VTN-TN Timenet GPS time server

The Veracity Timenet is a network time server providing reliable, accurate time signals for security cameras and CCTV recording equipment. Ideal for closed networks, the unit receives accurate time from GPS satellites, so does not require an internet connection. This also makes the unit very accurate, with time accuracy around 1ms.

Installation is quick and easy, with only an IP address required for use. Power over Ethernet is supported for quick integration with compatible networks, or alternatively the unit supports conventional 12V DC/24V AC power. The time is provided to network devices using the NTP protocol, universally supported on network cameras and IP surveillance equipment.

Key features and benefits

  • Provide accurate time with millisecond precision to CCTV surveillance equipment, synchronizing time stamps
  • The time is taken from GPS satellites, ideal for closed networks
  • Accurate to 1ms
  • Easy to install with quick setup and support for Power over Ethernet

Typical use

This NTP server is for closed networks without an internet connection, or where accurate, synchronized time on multiple sites is required.


  • 10/100Mbps RJ-45 Ethernet connection
  • Screw terminal blocks for 12V DC / 24V AC
  • Male SMA connector for GPS antenna (included)

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