Videotec Verso Compact security camera housing 12-24VAC HPV36K2A00B

The Verso compact is a cost-effective housing ideal for mounting small box-type cameras outdoors, protecting them from harsh weather conditions and low temperatures.
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Videotec | Videotec Verso Compact

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Videotec Verso Compact security camera housing 12-24VAC

Overview of Videotec Verso Compact

The Verso Compact housing is an IP66-rated enclosure designed to protect a wide range of fixed CCTV security IP cameras.

Innovative design with side-opening mechanism gives easy access to cameras, lens and electrical connections, great for installation and maintenance. IP66 rated, the housing is made from tough impact-resistant technopolymer giving high weather protection. This housing measures 4.17" x 5.00" x 15.75" and comes complete with sunshield and 12VDC/24VAC heater.

Key features and benefits

  • Mount an indoor camera outdoors without risk of weather damage
  • The integrated heater prevents damage caused by extremely low temperatures

Typical use

Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations for a wide range of traditional CCTV and IP network cameras in areas such as parking lots, construction yards, airports, railroad stations, shopping malls etc.

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