Vivotek FD7132 indoor day/night fixed-dome IP camera with integrated IR lighting, PoE and PIR sensor FD7132

With compact casing, PIR sensor and infrared lighting, the FD7132 is ideal for 24-hour surveillance of shops and offices.
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Our price:
€358.00 (Incl. Tax: €429.60)
Vivotek | Vivotek FD7132

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Vivotek FD7132 indoor day/night fixed-dome IP camera with integrated IR lighting, PoE and PIR sensor

Overview of Vivotek FD7132

The Vivotek FD7132 is designed to produce clear surveillance footage 24 hours a day in locations such as shops and offices. The camera features switchable day/night modes with color images during the day and infrared-sensitive video at night. 12 infrared LEDs are also integrated, providing true night vision in complete darkness up to a distance of 50ft.

Camera viewers can talk interactively with people in view or issue warnings to any unwelcome intruders using the 2-way audio feature, and with the built-in microphone can supply audio to viewers without the need for additional equipment. Events can be triggered by on-camera motion detection, external inputs or using the integrated PIR sensor which can detect people moving in front of the camera without any visible light.

Installation is very straightforward, with a 3-axis lens assembly, making it easy to get the desired view whether the camera is wall or ceiling mounted, as well as Power over Ethernet (PoE) support which supplies power and data through the Ethernet connection, reducing cabling required. Short video clips can be recorded using the web browser (Internet Explorer required) but for longer footage the camera comes with Windows-based recording software at no additional cost.

Key features and benefits

  • Monitor video 24 hours a day with color footage in daylight as well as infrared night vision
  • Trigger events based on movement without any light at all using the PIR sensor
  • Talk with people in view, warn intruders or listen to events in site with 2-way audio and built-in microphone
  • Install the camera quickly and cheaply with Power over Ethernet support, reducing cabling required

Typical use

  • The FD7132 is ideal for indoor security monitoring in locations such as office buildings, schools, industrial sites, shops and hotels, where 24 hours footage is required.
  • Compatible recording platforms

    Available models

    • Vivotek FD7131 - Fixed-dome camera with white-light lighting

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