Vivotek FD8161 Indoor 2MP day/night IP camera with integrated infrared LEDs and PIR sensor FD8161

With 2-megapixel resolution and infrared-triggered night vision, the FD8161 is ideal for discreet, 24 hour surveillance in locations such as shops, offices and restaurants.
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Our price:
€478.00 (Incl. Tax: €573.60)
Vivotek | Vivotek FD8161

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Vivotek FD8161 Indoor 2MP day/night IP camera with integrated infrared LEDs and PIR sensor

Overview of Vivotek FD8161

The Vivotek FD8161 provides 2MP security footage ideal for monitoring in shops or offices. Captured video offers 6x more image clarity than a standard IP camera, making it easy to identify people in view, while the camera's switchable infrared-cut filter produces color images in daylight and monochrome, infrared-sensitive footage when light levels drop. Integrated infrared LEDs illuminate objects in view up to a distance of 50ft, so that footage can be captured in complete darkness.

A built-in PIR sensor also detects movement of people in front of the camera without any light source. 2-way audio lets viewers issue verbal warnings or talk with people in view and since the camera features an integrated microphone, no additional equipment is required to hear sound. Power over Ethernet support can also reduce installation time since both data and power are sent to the camera through the same cable.

SD card storage makes video recording much more reliable by removing external recording devices so that if the network connection drops, the camera continues to record. The integrated cell phone viewer also makes it easy for viewers to monitor footage remotely by viewing through their Internet-enabled cell phone.

Key features and benefits

  • Record video footage with up to 6x more image detail than a standard security camera
  • Monitor video 24 hours a day without any additional equipment using the day/night functionality and integrated infrared LEDs
  • Detect movement around the camera in complete darkness using the integrated PIR sensor
  • Record without additional networked equipment with SD/SDHC memory card recording
  • Talk with people in view or issue audible warnings with 2-way audio

Typical use

The FD8161 would suit installation in many indoor environments requiring 24 hour monitoring, such as stores, schools, offices, reception areas, showrooms, hotels and garages.

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