Vivotek FD8361 outdoor vandal-resistant fixed-dome 2MP IP camera with IR night vision FD8361

Monitor high-risk outdoor locations 24 hours a day with the FD8361, featuring infrared night-vision and tough outdoor casing
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Our price:
€629.00 (Incl. Tax: €754.80)
Vivotek | Vivotek FD8361

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Vivotek FD8361 outdoor vandal-resistant fixed-dome 2MP IP camera with IR night vision

Overview of Vivotek FD8361

The FD8361 from Vivotek is designed for surveillance of tough outdoor environments. The camera's outer casing is IP66-rated, meaning that it can withstand harsh weather conditions without damage, and is vandal-resistant, able to survive knocks of up to 1000Kg. The camera is also capable of capturing footage day and night, providing color or infrared-sensitive monochrome footage in changing light conditions. The camera also offers true night vision using integrated IR LEDs which are effective up to a distance of 65ft.

People and objects in view can be identified easily with 2 megapixel resolution, providing up to 6x greater image clarity than a conventional IP security camera. H.264 video compression also helps to prevent camera footage from affecting network speeds by efficiently compressing footage without impacting on image quality. Viewers can also talk interactively with people in view or warn off intruders using the 2-way audio feature.

Video recording is very reliable since footage can be stored directly onto the camera using an SD/SDHC card, offering up to 32Gb of local storage (card not included). Footage can also be recorded to a Windows-based PC using the included 32 channel recording software, or can be stored directly through the web browser without the need for additional software (short clips only, Internet Explorer required).

Key features and benefits

  • Monitor tough outdoor locations without risk of damage from the weather or vandalism
  • Easily identify people in view with 2 megapixel resolution
  • Monitor footage 24 hours a day without the need for additional IR lighting
  • Talk with people in view or issue verbal warnings using the 2-way audio functionality
  • Reliably record video footage to an on-camera SD card (not included)

Typical use

The Vivotek FD8361 would suit many outdoor surveillance scenarios in locations such as school grounds, factory entrances, warehousing and store yards, loading bays and corporate building entrances, where highly detailed video is required 24 hours a day and where there is little-to-no external light sources.

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