Vivotek IP7134 wireless compact fixed IP camera with cell phone browser and audio IP7134

VIVOTEK IP7134 is an easy-to-use wireless network camera designed specifically for home or small business security applications with a compact, stylish exterior.
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Vivotek IP7134 wireless compact fixed IP camera with cell phone browser and audio

Overview of Vivotek IP7134

The Vivotek IP7134 is a compact fixed-view IP camera which offers VGA-quality footage at frame rates up to 30 frames per second. The compact and stylish casing blends in with surroundings without drawing attention while the included bracket offers installation on wall and ceiling as well as desk placement. There is also no need to install lengthy network cabling as the camera can connect wirelessly to your network.

Integrated cell phone browser allows you to monitor the IP7134 without being near a PC while the built-in microphone lets you hear events around the camera as well as see them. Alarm signal input/output port also allows the camera to be triggered by external sensors and switches or to activate external devices such as lights or sirens.

Included 16-channel recording software lets you record video from your camera to a Windows-based PC without any additional purchase. Like all IP cameras offered by, the Vivotek IP7134 has a built-in web server and can be viewed over a Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) or via the Internet as a streaming IP webcam.

Key features and benefits

  • No need for network cabling. Connect to your camera over wireless
  • Listen to the camera location as well as viewing it with built-in microphone
  • Compact, stylish casing blends into surroundings to provide discreet surveillance
  • Monitor the camera on the move or when away from a computer using cell phone browser
  • Store footage to a local PC without additional cost using included recording software
  • Simultaneous streaming of MJPEG and MPEG-4 video
  • MPEG-4 multicasting can distribute the same stream to multiple clients
  • 30fps video footage provides smooth movement of objects in view
  • Connect to the camera wirelessly with IEEE 802.11b/g connectivity
  • Discreet casing offers surveillance monitoring without drawing attention
  • Built-in microphone offers one-way audio to allow you to hear audio from the camera location
  • Integrated cell phone browser lets you to see video footage while away from a computer or on the move
  • Prevent unwanted monitoring with integrated privacy button
  • Adjustable brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and white balance can provide realistic color reproduction in changing light conditions
  • Send images to remote servers via email and FTP
  • Automatic gain control and white balance can automatically adjust image colors to adapt to changing light conditions
  • Digital I/O connection offers connection to external sensor inputs or can trigger external devices such as lights or sirens
  • Triple-window motion detection allows you to configure the coverage of your motion detection
  • Included bracket offers wall, ceiling and desk mounting options
  • Dynamic DNS client can keep track of your external IP addresses to assist with remote connection
  • Included 16-channel recording software offers video storage to Windows based PCs without any additional purchase

Typical use

The Vivotek IP7134 is aimed at entry-level security applications in locations such as offices and small stores where the wireless connectivity and compact casing can allow the camera to be installed in discreet locations while the included 16-channel recording software can store footage to a windows PC.

Compatible recording platforms

Available models

  • Vivotek IP7133 - compact VGA resolution camera

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