Vivotek IP7160 indoor 2 megapixel IP camera with on-camera recording, two-way audio and PoE IP7160

2 megapixel IP camera with tamper detection and two-way audio. Ideal for indoor surveillance.
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Our price:
€286.00 (Incl. Tax: €343.20)
Vivotek | Vivotek IP7160

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Vivotek IP7160 indoor 2 megapixel IP camera with on-camera recording, two-way audio and PoE

Overview of Vivotek IP7160

The Vivotek IP7160 is a cost effective IP camera designed for indoor surveillance of locations such as office receptions or factory floors. Video is produced at resolutions up to 2MP (1600x1200) so that people in view can be easily identified, while the active tampering detection can sense if the camera is moved or obscured and alert staff via email, reducing downtime.

An SD/SDHC card slot is built into the camera so that footage can be stored without any external recording devices, increasing reliability and reducing network bandwidth. The camera's web browser can also store short video clips directly to the user's computer without any additional software (requires Internet Explorer). Additionally, two-way audio allows viewers to quickly and easily talk to people in view or challenge unexpected intruders.

Bandwidth-efficient images can be viewed remotely using an Internet-enabled cell phone, providing a means to view live footage while on the move or away from a computer. The camera can also be installed quickly when using Power over Ethernet, reducing the cabling required since Power and Ethernet are supplied through the same Ethernet cable.

Key features and benefits

  • Easily identify people or objects with clear, crisp 2 megapixel footage
  • Store footage reliably and reduce video bandwidth by recording video directly onto the camera
  • Detect attempts to circumvent the camera and minimize downtime with tamper detection software
  • Talk interactively with people in view or listen to events with 2-way audio
  • Watch footage without a PC using an Internet enabled cell phone
  • 2 megapixel resolution captures detailed surveillance video at resolutions up to 1600x1200
  • Tamper detection software automatically detects if the camera is obscured or covered
  • SD/SDHC recording stores video without external recording applications
  • 3GPP cell phone viewer supplies bandwidth-efficient live images to Internet-enabled cell phones
  • Two-way audio lets people on site speak interactively with camera viewers
  • Built-in microphone provides audio without the need for additional audio equipment
  • Power over Ethernet makes the camera easy to install as both power and data are sent through the Ethernet cable
  • E-PTZ enlarges key areas of view to make remote objects easier to identify
  • Record short video clips without additional software straight from the web browser (requires Internet Explorer)
  • 1x alarm input and 1x trigger output lets the camera integrate with external security hardware such as alarms or trip wires
  • Video cropping helps to reduce bandwidth used by cropping unnecessary footage before it leaves the camera
  • HTTPS secures video streamed across unsecured networks
  • Multi-streaming provides simultaneous footage in different compression formats and image settings
  • Included recording software stores video footage from up to 32 Vivotek cameras to a Windows-based PC

Typical use

  • The Vivotek IP7160 would suit a variety of indoor security applications where high resolution video is required, such as hotel lobbies, office receptions, libraries, large stores and factories.

Compatible recording platforms

Available models

  • Vivotek IP7161 - day/night 2-megapixel resolution camera

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