Vivotek IP7161 indoor day/night IP security camera with 2 megapixel resolution and SD card recording IP7161

2 megapixel IP security camera that is ideal for monitoring indoors. With on-board SD card recording option for a more localized surveillance solution.
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Vivotek | Vivotek IP7161

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Vivotek IP7161 indoor day/night IP security camera with 2 megapixel resolution and SD card recording

Overview of Vivotek IP7161

The Vivotek IP7161 is a fixed IP camera designed to provide high quality footage in changing light conditions. A switchable infrared-cut filter allows the camera to produce infrared-sensitive video at night as well as color video during the day, while the 2MP sensor provides clearly defined footage at resolutions up to 1600x1200, making it easy to identify people or objects in view.

Users can also hear events from the camera or communicate interactively using the camera's 2-way audio feature while the integrated microphone provides sounds without any additional audio equipment. Video can also be reliably stored directly to an SD/SDHC memory card, eliminating the network bandwidth associated with networked recording solutions.

Tamper detection software helps to eliminate downtime caused by malicious tampering by alerting staff immediately via email if the camera view is moved or covered/obscured. Viewers can also see live images from the camera while on the move or away from a computer using the camera's 3GPP cell phone viewer.

Key features and benefits

  • Clear and crisp 2MP video makes it easy to identify people or objects in view, even at a distance
  • Capture high quality security footage day and night (infrared lighting required for night viewing)
  • Remove the need for recording hardware, lowering network bandwidth and increasing reliability with SD/SDHC card recording
  • Alert staff immediately if the camera is covered or obscured with tampering detection
  • Speak with people in view, issue verbal command or listen to events on site with 2-way audio functionality
  • Bundled recording software stores footage from up to 32 different Vivotek IP cameras at no extra cost

Typical use

The Vivotek IP7161 would suit many indoor security applications in locations such as supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, warehousing, hotel lobbies or office receptions.

Compatible recording platforms

Available models

  • Vivotek IP7160 - non-day/night 2-megapixel resolution camera

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