Vivotek IP7330 Outdoor static IP camera with built-in infrared LEDs, tamper detection and PoE IP7330

This camera has been discontinued. Its replacement is the IP8830.
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€220.00 (Incl. Tax: €264.00)

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Our price:
€220.00 (Incl. Tax: €264.00)
Vivotek | Vivotek IP7330

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Vivotek IP7330 Outdoor static IP camera with built-in infrared LEDs, tamper detection and PoE

Overview of Vivotek IP7330

Designed for 24 hours surveillance, the IP7330 features day/night switching, allowing it to capture color footage in daylight and black/white infrared-sensitive video at night, as well as 12 built-in infrared LEDs which can illuminate objects in complete darkness up to a distance of 30ft, providing true night vision surveillance.

The camera's IP66-rated casing prevents any damage from water or dust ingress when mounted outdoors while the tamper detection software detects attempts to move or obscure the camera, alerting users by email to minimize downtime. Triple-window motion detection also reduces false alarms by customizing the coverage of the motion detection system.

Installation of the camera is very easy, coming bundled with a wall-mount stand and featuring Power over Ethernet support, allowing the camera to draw power through the Ethernet connection to minimize the wiring required. No additional recording software is required since the camera comes bundled with 32-camera surveillance software at no extra cost.

Key features and benefits

  • Install the camera outdoors without risk of damage from weather conditions
  • Capture usable footage in complete darkness with day/night switching and integrated IR lighting
  • Watch live images while away from a computer with cell phone optimized viewer
  • IP66-rated casing can be installed outdoors without damage from weather conditions
  • 12 Infrared LEDs illuminate objects up to a distance of 30ft
  • Tamper detection sends email alerts if the camera is moved or covered to minimize downtime
  • 3GPP cell phone browser support lets users monitor footage from an Internet-enabled cell phone
  • Record short video clips to your computer without any additional software (Internet Explorer required)
  • Included 16 camera recording software can store footage to a local Microsoft Windows PC without any additional purchase
  • Power over Ethernet support simplifies installation as data and power are combined into a single cable
  • Triple-window motion detection allows you to only detect movement in areas that you specify, reducing false alarms
  • Transfer images to remote servers via FTP, HTTP and email
  • Privacy masking prevents key areas from being monitored
  • Compact, discreet design offers monitoring without drawing attention
  • External alarm input can trigger events in the camera using external sensors and switches
  • HTTPS support can secure video footage for transmission over unsecured networks
  • MPEG-4 multicasting can distribute a single stream to an unlimited number of clients

Typical use

With outdoor casing, night vision and tamper detection software, the IP7330 would be ideal for many outdoor security installations in locations such as communal building entrances, bar and night club security, store front monitoring or car park surveillance.

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