Vivotek IP8151 indoor 1.3 megapixel day/night IP camera with SD card recording, PoE, 2-way audio and H.264 IP8151

This cost-effective surveillance camera captures crisp, clear 1.3 megapixel video and has SD recording functionality for more localized recording.
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€695.00 (Incl. Tax: €834.00)

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Our price:
€695.00 (Incl. Tax: €834.00)
Vivotek | Vivotek IP8151

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Vivotek IP8151 indoor 1.3 megapixel day/night IP camera with SD card recording, PoE, 2-way audio and H.264

Overview of Vivotek IP8151

The Vivotek IP8151 is designed to provide clear, usable footage 24 hours a day in locations such as shops, shopping malls and schools. The camera produces detailed 1.3 megapixel resolution video very low light levels, making it easy to accurately identify people in view and, when used with infrared lighting, produces usable video in complete darkness.

Various video recording options are available including SD/SDHC card recording which reliably stores video directly onto the camera and removes the need for external recording equipment. Alternatively, the camera comes bundled with 32-channel recording software, storing video to a Windows PC, or for shorter instantaneous recording, MP4 video clips can be stored through the web browser (requires Internet Explorer). H.264 compression also reduces stored file sizes without impacting on image quality.

Two-way audio provides a means for viewers to communicate with people in view, allowing them to alert people or challenge intruders. Tamper detection software also reduces malicious downtime by alerting users immediately if the camera is moved or obscured. Additionally, ONVIF-compliance means that the camera can be easily integrated with other ONVIF compatible video devices.

Key features and benefits

  • Capture clear defined images in very low light conditions with "supreme night visibility" and infrared-cut filter (infrared lighting may be required for low-light monitoring)
  • See minute details in view with 1.3MP resolution and 30fps image rates
  • Store video in a variety of ways; onto the camera using an SD/SDHC card (not included), using the bundled recording software or directly through the web browser
  • Quickly and easily talk with people in view or challenge intruders remotely using 2-way audio and integrated microphone
  • Detect attempts to circumvent the camera and minimize downtime with tamper detection software

Typical use

  • With excellent low-light sensitivity and 1.3MP resolution, the Vivotek IP8151 is ideal for various internal surveillance networks in locations such as department stores, shopping malls, schools and warehousing. When used with an outdoor housing the camera could also be used to monitor parking lots and traffic movement, college grounds and building entrances.

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