Vivotek IP8330 outdoor IP camera with 45ft infrared night vision, on-camera recording and H.264 IP8330

Outdoor bullet camera with built-in infrared illumination and optional localized recording onto an SD card. Ideal for locations which need constant surveillance.
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Our price:
€269.00 (Incl. Tax: €322.80)
Vivotek | Vivotek IP8330

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Vivotek IP8330 outdoor IP camera with 45ft infrared night vision, on-camera recording and H.264

Overview of Vivotek IP8330

Vivotek's IP8330 is designed for outdoor monitoring 24 hours a day, ideal for surveillance of homes and small stores. The IP66-rated casing protects the camera from the effects of the weather while the switchable day/night filter allows the camera to capture color video in daylight and monochrome images at night. 12 built-in infrared light illuminate objects up to 50ft away so usable footage can be captured in complete darkness.

Video can be stored directly onto the camera using a MicroSD card, so no additional recording equipment is required, while the integrated tamper detection software triggers recording or alerts users if the camera is tampered with, keeping downtime to a minimum. The camera also provides video footage at up to 60fps, making sure that fast-moving objects or sleight of hand are captured.

H.264 compression provides smooth video footage across low-bandwidth networks as well as reducing recorded file sizes, maximizing recording capacity. Power over Ethernet support also speeds up installation since data and power are both supplied through the Ethernet connection, reducing cabling.

Key features and benefits

  • Monitor usable footage in complete darkness with day/night functionality and integrated infrared illumination
  • Install the camera outdoors without the risk of weather damage
  • Record video directly onto the camera, increasing recording reliability
  • Never miss a detail with 60fps video rate
  • Be alerted immediately if the camera is moved, covered or spray-painted, minimizing downtime
  • Included recording software can record video from up to 32 Vivotek cameras at no extra cost

Typical use

  • The Vivotek IP8330 is ideal for a variety of outdoor surveillance applications in locations such as offices, building entrances, residential driveways and yards, store entrances and loading bays.

Compatible recording platforms

Available models

  • Vivotek IP8332 - 2-megapixel outdoor camera with integrated IR lighting

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