Vivotek SD7323 outdoor day/night PTZ dome IP camera with 35x optical zoom and on-camera recording SD7323

The SD7323 is an cost-effective dome surveillance camera, with rugged pan/tilt movement and powerful 35x optical zoom, for all-round surveillance and close-up, detailed shots.
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Vivotek | Vivotek SD7323

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Vivotek SD7323 outdoor day/night PTZ dome IP camera with 35x optical zoom and on-camera recording

Overview of Vivotek SD7323

The Vivotek SD7323 is a tough outdoor dome IP camera designed for security monitoring in locations such as aiports and car parks. The camera features 360° endless panning and 90° tilt, allowing it to provide surveillance over a large area, as well as powerful 35x optical zoom, producing clear, highly detailed footage of objects, even when they are a significant distance from the camera.

The camera features an IP66-rated weatherproof housing which can be mounted outdoors without risk of weather damage and comes complete with a wall-mount bracket so that no additional hardware is needed. The integrated infrared(IR)-cut filter also means that events can also be monitored day and night when the camera is combined with IR lighting, producing color video during the day and IR-sensitive monochrome footage at night.

SD/SDHC card recording adds an additional layer of resiliance to video recording so that if the network connection drops at any point, the SD card can continue to capture security footage until the network connection is resumed. Two-way audio is also supported, meaning that viewers can send warnings to unexpected intruders remotely or talk interactively with people in view.

Key features and benefits

  • Provide security coverage over a wide area with 360° endless pan, 90° tilt and 35x optical zoom
  • Mount the camera indoors or outdoors without risk of damage using IP66-rated casing and included wall-mount bracket
  • Capture events 24 hours a day with day/night switching (infrared lighting required in darkness)
  • Never lose footage during network downtime with on-camera SD card recording
  • Issue verbal commands or listen to events on site using the two-way audio functionality

Typical use

The Vivotek SD7323 is ideal for indoor or outdoor security monitoring in locations such as aiports, large storage depots, parking lots, commercial sites, corporate offices and industrial complexes.

Compatible recording platforms

  • Software: Milestone XProtect, SecuritySpy for Mac, Vivotek ST7501 recording software
  • Network Video Recorders: QNAP

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