Y-cam Bullet Black outdoor network camera with infrared night vision and Wi-Fi connectivity YCBLB3

With powerful night vision, Wi-Fi connectivity and outdoor-ready casing, the Y-cam Bullet Black is ideal for outdoor home and small business security.
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Our price:
€248.40 (Incl. Tax: €298.08)
Y-cam | Y-cam Bullet Black

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Y-cam Bullet Black outdoor network camera with infrared night vision and Wi-Fi connectivity

Overview of Y-cam Bullet Black

The Y-cam Bullet Black is a discreet day/night surveillance camera designed to be installed in locations such as offices and store fronts. The camera features an IP66-rated casing, so can be installed outdoors without risk of damage, as well as integrated infrared (IR) lighting and switchable IR-cut filter, providing viewers with color images in daylight as well as true night vision images when light levels drop.

Wi-Fi connectivity is included on the camera, allowing it to connect to the network without the need for long cable runs. Alternatively, if network cabling is to be used, the camera can draw power through the network cable when connected to a Power over Ethernet source to remove the need for additional power cabling. Two-way audio also allows users to hear events on site or challenge intruders remotely.

Video can be recorded directly to the camera using a microSD memory card so that no additional recording equipment is needed. The camera is also fully Mac compatible, with all features such as the live view, motion detection and camera recordings available. Camera setup software is also PC and Mac compatible, as well as the Multi-live surveillance package, which allows users to monitor and record video from up to 36 Y-cam cameras.

Key features and benefits

  • Monitor crisp images in complete darkness with switchable IR-cut filter and integrated infrared LED lighting
  • Install the camera outdoors without the risk of weather damage
  • Listen to audio from the cameras location and talk with people in view using 2-way audio
  • Wireless connectivity allows the camera to be installed in locations where installing network cabling would be costly or difficult
  • Fully Mac compatible, with included setup and recording software

Typical use

The Y-cam Bullet Black is ideal for outdoor locations such as hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, office entrances and parking lots, where 24 hour surveillance is required.

Compatible recording platforms

  • Software: Y-cam Multi-live

Available models

  • Y-cam Bullet HD - HD720p resolution outdoor IP camera

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