Y-cam Bullet HD 1080 outdoor day/night IP camera with 15m IR LEDs, Wi-Fi and on-board recording YCBLHD6

This feature-packed camera is suited to 24-hour outdoor surveillance. It features an outdoor-ready casing with built-in 15m infrared LEDs for night vision monitoring, as well as Wi-Fi N support for quick, easy installation. It produces HD 1080p video with recording capabilities built into the camera, for inexpensive, high resolution surveillance.
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€345.60 (Incl. Tax: €414.72)

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Our price:
€345.60 (Incl. Tax: €414.72)
Y-cam | Y-cam Bullet HD 1080

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Y-cam Bullet HD 1080

  • Y-cam Bullet HD 1080
  • Y-cam Bullet HD 1080
  • Y-cam Bullet HD 1080
  • Y-cam Bullet HD 1080
  • Y-cam Bullet HD 1080

Overview of Y-cam Bullet HD 1080

The Y-cam Bullet HD 1080 is packed with features designed to improve the flexibility of how you implement your security cameras. Its outer casing provides protection from harsh weather and with built-in infrared lighting, you can see events taking place in complete darkness. It's also wireless, so can be installed in outdoor locations without a network connection and supports the latest Wireless-N standard for improved range and transfer speed. Additionally, The HD 1080p video produced by the camera allows you to clearly identify subjects from much further away than with similar low-resolution cameras.

The Bullet HD 1080 is also perfectly suited to Mac users. As with a PC, Mac users can access the camera's video feed and configuration pages, and have access to Mac-based setup tools and recording software at no extra cost. Mobile phone browsing is also available with dedicated apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian devices. There's also recording built-into the camera to reduce running costs, with video stored to a MicroSD memory card or to NAS drives, with no need for a recording computer to be always powered on.


A version of this camera with HD 720p video is also available: Y-cam Bullet HD 720.

Key features and benefits

  • Outdoor-ready - the outer casing of this camera is IP66-rated
  • True day/night vision - capture conventional colour video during the day as well as monochrome night-vision footage in darkness
  • Wi-Fi connectivity - mount the camera in environments where there is no Ethernet infrastructure, connecting wirelessly to routers and access points
  • HD-1080p video - with 2-megapixel resolution and frame rates of 30fps, video is smooth, sharp and features plenty of detail for positive identification
  • On-camera recording - the internal recording system helps to keep system and running costs to a minimum, with no need for external equipment
  • Fully Mac compatible - the camera can be monitored and configured using a Mac and comes with compatible search and recording software
  • Mobile viewing - the camera can be monitored from all major mobile phones, including iPhone, Android devices, Symbian and BlackBerry
  • 2-way audio - warn-off intruders from a remote location
  • PoE - when not using wireless, flexibility is still available through Power over Ethernet

Typical use

This camera is suitable for home or small business security. Its compact weatherproof casing, built-in infrared lighting and Wi-Fi connectivity make it ideal for 24-hour outdoor security monitoring and with HD 1080p resolution, the subjects in view will be sharp and clear.

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