Y-cam Bullet HD 720 outdoor IP camera with HD 720p, infrared night-viewing, SD card recording, audio and choice of WiFi and PoE YCBLHD5

This low-cost outdoor camera is ideal for home/office security, with integrated night vision, 2-way audio and WiFi connectivity.
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€298.80 (Incl. Tax: €358.56)

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Our price:
€298.80 (Incl. Tax: €358.56)
Y-cam | Y-cam Bullet HD 720

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Y-cam Bullet HD 720 outdoor IP camera with HD 720p, infrared night-viewing, SD card recording, audio and choice of WiFi and PoE

Overview of Y-cam Bullet HD 720

The Y-Cam Bullet HD wireless IP surveillance camera is the HD version of the popular Y-cam Bullet VGA camera. Capable of delivering HD 720p video at 30 frames per second, the Y-cam Bullet HD is ideal for applications requiring greater image detail or person identification. The camera combines a switchable infrared-cut filter with 12 integrated infrared LEDs, allowing the unit to switch from full color to black and white night-vision for continued surveillance monitoring, even in complete darkness.

With a compact-sized, weatherproof casing to protect against wet weather conditions, the Y-cam Bullet HD is suitable for monitoring outdoor locations, whilst its wireless connectivity also makes it an attractive option for indoor use. As an alternative to using WiFi, you also have the choice of running the camera via Ethernet cable and utilizing its PoE support. This flexibility may help to reduce installation time and costs.

Video can be stored on the camera using a MicroSD card (card not included), or externally using a compatible Network Video Recorder (NVR) or NAS. Footage can be viewed via smartphones and a range of tablets, allowing you to take your surveillance on the move. Built-in video motion detection can be configured to alert you of any events through, for example, e-mail.

Key features and benefits

  • HD 720p video quality, 1 megapixel resolution at up to 30 frames per second, for clarity of imagery compared to standard VGA cameras
  • Round-the-clock surveillance using an infrared-cut filter combined with built-in infrared LEDs, providing a true day/night solution
  • Choice of wireless connectivity or wired with PoE support, giving greater flexibility with regards to installation
  • Weatherproof housing and shielded cables protects the camera against harsh weather conditions and attempts of vandalism
  • Video can be stored on-camera using a MicroSD card (card sold separately), while the camera is also compatible with a range of network video recorders (NVRs) or NAS devices
  • Footage to be viewed through smartphone apps, allowing you to monitor your cameras when on the go
  • 2-way audio capability allows remote communication between the viewer and those in the camera's field of view

Typical use

The Y-cam Bullet HD is suitable for the round-the-clock monitoring of a range of indoor and outdoor locations, including office blocks, lobbies, entrances, restaurants and parking lots. The camera is also ideal for home security.

Compatible recording platforms

  • Software: Y-cam Multi-live

Available models

  • Y-cam Bullet - VGA-resolution outdoor IP camera

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