Y-cam EyeBall wireless fixed dome IP camera with push & point installation, microSD recording and PoE YCEB03

Wireless fixed-dome camera with Push & Point for easy installation. MicroSD card recording is available to help save on network resources.
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€175.20 (Incl. Tax: €210.24)

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Our price:
€175.20 (Incl. Tax: €210.24)
Y-cam | Y-cam Eyeball

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Y-cam EyeBall wireless fixed dome IP camera with push & point installation, microSD recording and PoE

Overview of Y-cam Eyeball

The Y-Cam EyeBall is a fixed dome IP network security camera well suited to installation in business areas which are small to medium in size, for example, local stores and small office spaces. It is highly discreet, with a compact design providing a security solution which will not obtrude or attract unwanted attention.

The process of lens readjustment is simplified by an innovative Push & Point™ lens system. In a departure from normal dome-camera conventions, installation can be done without the need for screws, clips or wires. The brightness of the image is adjusted automatically depending on light levels, with integrating frames (superimposing four images in one frame) providing a brighter image in challenging light conditions.

With an onboard micro SD card slot, the Y-cam EyeBall can function without an internet or LAN network connection to store streamed video footage and motion alarms. The video is stored onto the micro SD card, with footage viewable from a smartphone through a TV or PC, or over a Wi-Fi network directly from the camera.

The Y-Cam EyeBall also comes with inbuilt Wi-FI, in addition to the secure password authentication, preventing any unwanted access to the camera. A detection of movement within the field of view results in an email notification, with an image of the scene attached.

With Power over Ethernet capability, a single cable provides power and network connectivity. The Y-Cam EyeBall also includes two-way audio (provided by a built-in microphone and audio out connector), giving users the ability to communicate with those in the immediate vicinity of the camera, and to monitor audio feeds.

Free smartphone apps are available from Y-Cam, which allow users to view a video feed from the camera, with both MJPEG and 3GPP streams supported, enabling a view through most mobile phones even without a dedicated app.


Please note: this camera does not come with a Power over Ethernet power supply. Please select if required.

Key features and benefits

  • Ideal for use in small environments requiring discreet surveillance
  • Simple lens readjustment with Push and Point technology
  • A physical network connection is not needed, with wireless connectivity available for more flexibility during installation
  • A computer is not required, since a micro SD card records footage within the camera
  • Unexpected activity is detected, with images sent by email after an alarm trigger
  • Overcomes poor lighting conditions with full color view in low-light
  • Power over Ethernet combines power and network connectivity in one cable
  • Two-way audio enables users to listen in and communicate with the surroundings of the camera
  • Smartphone users can download apps to view live footage from the camera

Typical use

The Y-Cam EyeBall is particularly well suited to installation in small to medium businesses, such as small office spaces and local stores.

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