Y-cam White SD IP security camera with Wi-Fi, cell phone viewer, built-in microphone and on-camera recording YCW003

Indoor security camera with wireless connectivity for quick and easy installation. An on-board MicroSD card provides an alternative recording solution.
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Y-cam | Y-cam White SD

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Y-cam White SD IP security camera with Wi-Fi, cell phone viewer, built-in microphone and on-camera recording

Overview of Y-cam White SD

The Y-cam White SD is a feature packed compact home security camera. Installation is quick and easy requiring no lengthy Ethernet wiring as Wi-Fi connectivity is included. The White SD also offers audio listen-in allowing you to hear events from around your camera as well as watching them.

A key feature of the Y-cam white SD is built-in recording to a MicroSD card, removing the need for any additional recording equipment. Events can be set to record when motion is detected or on schedule and can overwrite stored footage once full. The Y-cam SD range are also some of the few network video cameras which are fully Mac compatible.

Also included with the White SD is a 3GPP cell-phone browser which allows you to monitor your Y-cam while on the move.

Key features and benefits

  • Store video footage directly to the camera without the need for any external recording equipment
  • Connect to your camera without installing lengthy Ethernet cable using Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Monitor your camera when away from home or on the move with integrated cell phone viewer
  • Camera is fully Mac compatible eliminating the need for a Windows-based system
  • Listen to events on site in addition to watching them using built in microphone
  • Store video footage without any additional recording equipment using a MicroSD card
  • Connect the camera to your network wirelessly with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Integrated 3GPP cell phone viewer provides monitoring while on the move
  • One-way audio allows you to listen-in to audio such as speech or alarms from the camera location
  • Built-in microphone provides audio functionality right out of the box
  • 10x Digital zoom provides increased clarity with no moving parts
  • Multi-window motion detection can trigger recording to SD card or transfer images via FTP and email
  • Instant record facility stores footage directly to your desktop
  • Very easy setup procedure is ideal for novice users
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Compact design blends in discreetly with home furnishings
  • Can be wall, ceiling or desk mounted
  • Included Multi-live software provides monitoring and recording for up to 36 Y-cam cameras from a single location
  • Built-in dynamic DNS client helps with remote access for internet connections with a dynamic IP address
  • On-screen display provides date/time, camera information or a user-defined message

Typical use

The Y-cam White SD, with easy setup, Wi-Fi connectivity and flexible recording options, is aimed at home or small office security. The built-in cell phone viewer and audio capability allow you to easily monitor when away from home to protect your home and family. Alternatively, the Y-cam White SD can also be used as a baby or elderly relative monitor allowing you to provide assistance if necessary without being in the same room or building.

Available models

  • Y-cam White S
  • Y-cam White S PoE

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